signs that this is a▓ carefully orchestrated medi▓a smear campaign," Nunes said.He ▓criticized th▓e Democrats for "pushing impeachm▓ent forward ▓without the ba▓cking of a▓ single Republican." The Democratic-con▓trolled House on Oct. 31 passed a resolution formalizing▓ the impeachment inquiry with no Republica▓n members voti▓ng for it.Nunes listed three "crucial questions" ▓the GOP expe▓cted for the hearings: The full extent of Democratic coordination with the whistleblower whose revelation of the Trump-Ukraine interactions tr▓iggered the impeachment ▓inquiry; the ▓extent of Ukraine▓'s med

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dling in Trum▓p's 2016 campaign; and the reason for the Ukrainian energ▓y company Bur▓isma to hire for▓mer Vice President Joe Biden's son Hunter, as well as whether Hunter's positio▓n affected gove▓rnment act▓ions of the administration of former President Barack Obama.Kent, the State Departm▓ent official?/p>

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? said in his openin▓g statement th▓at he raised concerns as early as February 2015 about ▓Hunter Bid▓en's status as a board member at Burisma ▓"could create the perception of a conflict of interest," stressing, ▓however, t▓hat he "did▓ not witness any efforts by ▓any U.S. offici▓al to shield▓ Burisma from ▓scrutiny."Trump asked Zelensky in a p▓hone call on▓ July 25 to "look

 into" how▓ Joe Biden "stopped the prosecution" of Burisma. In▓ January 2018, Biden▓ told an event a▓t the Council▓ on Foreign Relations how he in 2016 pressured the Uk▓rainian author▓ities to fire ▓Viktor Shokin▓, the country's former prosecuto▓r general who was leading t▓he investigation into Burisma at the time.Kent also told the committee t▓hat he became aware of efforts by▓ Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and his associates to "run a campaign▓ to smear" diplomats at the U.S▓. emb

assy in Kiev, inclu▓ding forme▓r U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Mari▓e Yovanovitch who was ousted in May. He said it "became clear" to him that "Giuliani's efforts to gin up politically-motiva▓ted investigations▓ were now infecting U.S. engagement with Uk▓raine."It was ▓"unexpected, a▓nd most unfortunate," that American▓s "launch attacks on dedicated public ser▓vants advancing

top R▓epublican on the pa▓

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U.S. inter▓ests in Ukrai▓ne," Kent said, adding that ▓"those attacks▓ undermined U.S. and Ukrainian national interests and damaged▓ our critical bilate▓ral relationship."Taylor, t▓he top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine, testified that in mid-July "it was becoming clear" to him that a m▓ee

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ting with ▓Trump at the White▓ House that Zelensky wanted "was condi▓tioned on th▓e investigations of Burisma an▓d alleged Ukrainian interference in the 2016 U▓.S. elections▓." He added that the condition "was driven by the irregular polic▓y channel I h▓ad come to unde▓rstand was guide

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d▓ by Mr. Giuliani."Taylor t▓old lawmakers in his openi▓ng stateme▓nt that withholdi▓ng securit▓y assistance to Ukraine "in ex▓change for▓ help with a domes▓tic political campaign in the United States would be crazy."He sa▓id he, on Sept. 1, was "alarmed" after heari▓ng for the ▓fi

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rst time from Tim Morr▓ison, the to▓p Russia and Europe advise▓r on the Nation▓al Security Council, that not o▓nly the White House▓ meeting between T▓rump and Zelensky▓, but also the secur▓ity assistance to Ukraine "was conditi▓oned on the inve▓stigations."When asked to elaborate on tha

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